In doing this work, the figure of ghost has come into the project, guiding me to new places.

I’ve always had this cruel inner voice, however lately, my relationship to it has changed.

I’ve known for a while that it was some variant of my father’s voice that I internalised, another friend talked about it as the child that believed my dad, in any case it is quite cruel.

During the process of storytelling, I began to see potential in this figure to help me uncover the past. That this figure could in fact assist in my attempts at navel expanding and trace the memories of the intergenerationl self.

So by doing this, I see this ghost as a task master, reminding that the work of intergenerational mending is still needed.

And by writing through the ghost, writing as the ghost, I attempt to embody ghostwriting.

It is my take on the secular and earthly definitions of ‘ghostwriting’, the practice of writing on behalf of another writer whereby the real author’s identity is obscured. Although it references this, I also mean to speak about my practice of writing to a ghost, to the ghost of my intergenerational wounding – Ursula. By writing to Ursula (and sometimes as Ursula herself ), I’m attempting to embody the perspectives of my lineage so as to empathise and come closer to understanding.